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7 Top Indian Wedding Photography Trends 2021


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A wedding is an important part of the couple and every couple wants to capture their wedding in the best possible way they can. Couples prefer to go with the latest trends whether it comes to clothing and photography. They are always looking for something different and trending. How can weddings be left behind in this flow? Here we will discuss the top wedding photography trends that will rule in the upcoming years. 

Wedding Photography Trends

  • Candid Wedding Photography

In India, weddings are like festivals and people spend a lot of time and money on wedding ceremonies. How can wedding photography be left behind? Whether it is a small wedding or a big one, a wedding photographer is a part of the ceremony. Now the days are gone when couple’s stand for positions and photographers click their images. The younger generation wants photographers more natural and candid rather than formal. Candid photography is the latest trend and most demanding photography style preferred by couples. 

In the world of social media, couples prefer to share their wedding joy and happiness on social media platforms and want images natural and candid. Wedding photographers must keep that thing in mind and capture the photographs as couples expect. 

  • Destination Wedding Photography

When the list of guests for wedding is limited, destination wedding is one of the best options for couple’s. Going to a beautiful destination and organizing a wedding is one of the most demanding and preferred trends of indian weddings. Whether it’s a vintage palace and villas of Jodhpur and Jaipur or hill stations like Manali or Uti. Couple’s have a lot of options for destination weddings. Some couple’s also prefer their pre-wedding shoots at the location for a destination wedding. Photographers also need to prepare for a destination wedding with backup batteries and memory cards. 

  • Bridal Portraits

Bridal portraits are another Indian wedding photography trend becoming more popular in recent days. In bridal portraits, photographers take formal pictures of the bride. Usually, bridal portraits are done within a studio and several months before the wedding when the bride finalizes her wedding dresses. It’s a solo photo shoot of the bride which can be displayed at the reception. 

  • Filmy Look and Shoot

As the word filmy describes, the photo shoot can be done in filmy style. Capturing the photoshoot with a film photographer is also a trend in high society weddings but it is more expensive. Filmy images are light and a little bit blurry and of course, you need to do a bit of acting to make it filmy. It’s a skill of a photographer how he makes photoshoots done by couples. 

  • Drone Wedding Photography

Drone photography is becoming popular in Indian wedding photography. The drone allows taking the perfect shot of the wedding moment without disturbing the guest. Drone helps to capture the ritual moments perfectly. Nowadays people hire photographers with drone photography services. If you are planning for a videography of the ceremony then a drone is the best option to do it. In Indian weddings the trend of drone photography is increased day by day.

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