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A unique product allows collectors to commemorate the first strike and/or the release of the circulation of newly minted coins. It incorporates both coins as well as stamps in a unique combination.

The product allows the display of the hypixel skyblock coins in a distinctive holder in which each side of the coin is visible. The holder is then put in an envelope that was specially designed to keep the coins visible.  Once the envelope is stamped, it is instantly cancelled usually on the exact release date for the included coins. To make the product even more cohesive, sometimes the stamp design can be chosen to coordinate with the coin design.

While the product was originally conceived and produced by private companies, in time the United States Mint decided to create similar products. This began in the year 1999 with the release of First Day Coin Covers commemorating the states. A unique aspect to these products were that the coins were sourced from the first day of mintage at the Philadelphia or Denver Mint facilities.

Following the success of the State Quarters products, the Mint would also release editions marking the five Jefferson nickel reverse designs and the Sacagawea dollar in addition to the Presidential dollar as well as six more quarter designs. While several do not care for the product type, countless individuals enjoy the striking designs of these covers and the educational highlights.

Background of James B. Longacre’s Nickel

Background of the Shield Nickel

The US has been minting five cent pieces since 1792. These half dimes were usually cast in a silver-copper alloy. In 1837 the proportion of silver in the alloy was increased. However, by the time of the shield nickel’s minting, the US had decided to mint this five cent piece without precious metals.

The composition of the shield nickel is an alloy of copper and nickel. The series was minted from 1866 to 1883, and was the first five cent piece to be referred to as a “nickel.” The coin is named after the image found on its obverse side designed by James B. Longacre. After 1883, the shield was replaced by the Liberty Head.

History of the Shield Nickel

Before the shield nickel, there had been other US coins that had been minted with a copper and nickel alloy, but the present series was the first five cent piece that was minted with this alloy. When one refers to the shield nickel as the “first nickel,” it is because this was the first half dime minted without the use of silver. Accordingly, these coins hold a special place in history.

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