Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

I had an unusual experience earlier today that caused me to stop and think about internal link building and how damaging it can be to a website. What was even stranger was the fact that it was a blog.

Finding a post that I found interesting and worthy of a comment, I followed the link to leave a comment. Guess what? After leaving the comment there was no way to get back to the Home page. Most blogs have a Home button or the logo will act as Home button – in this case there was no nothing.

From experience, I just delete the post URL as far as the site URL. For many others, they would have simply left the site. I spent 3 or 4 minutes looking – I can tell you that most casual users will leave straight away if there is no obvious link.

That was a blog, however I come across this situation on numerous occasions on web sites – most of them commercial, where you find yourself on a page that has no escape. More importantly, it has no way to get to the money page.

The moral to this is to check and double check every new page. Don’t get caught up in the link building hype. Links should serve a purpose so think like a new visitor or customer. Can they easily find the navigation links back to the home page, or, more importantly, the sales page. Just having the links is not the end of the story. Check the links actually work and take the visitor to the right page.

Never frustrate your visitors. We live in an instant world where everyone expects to find what they want immediately. Treasure hunts are for kids so make sure your web design and your link building strategies are designed to make life easier for your visitors.

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