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Online Casino Malaysia at its peak


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Spain Casino Malaysia traffic is currently on the rise. Last week it registered a new rise of 3.6%. The top 10 most trusted poker sites saw traffic increases compared to previous weeks.

One of the rooms that most noted this increase was Bwin Poker Italy, which reached sixth place in the world ranking of online poker, although it has subsequently dropped one position.

Another of the rooms that was favored was the French which, together with the previous one, displaced other pages that until then had occupied the most favorable positions.

In Texas Hold’em many times we can afford to bet big on a draw, if the draw is solid and versatile enough to have a chance of completing it as the community cards appear.

If you have a flush draw with missing ends, like a 7-8, and the flop comes 9 and 10 of the same suit, and whatever third card it is, you will almost certainly have the best hand on the board. .

This concept is also valid for playing 7 Stud Hi/Lo. The best lowest hand, in this game, is A-2-3-4-5. With this hand we can win the lowest and highest straight. Suppose we have a starting hand A-2-4, with several players in the pot, and a 6 appears on fourth street. One of our opponents bets and the others call.

With 4 cards in play, and 3 still to come, we can have great doubts about the probabilities of putting together our project. But with a hand A-2-4-6 we almost certainly have one of the best hands on the table. Even if 5th street doesn’t go our way, we still have 2 more chances to complete the project. And even losing to a better draw, we can win the low hand.

This means that it is valid to bet on a flush or straight draw, because we have high chances of winning, especially in certain variants of poker and always keeping the odds in mind., a good page to start

Without a doubt, one of the best pages of the Spanish Poker Community that currently exists on the Internet is “”.

At, you can consult everything you need to solve the unknowns that you need to clear up regarding the game of poker in general. From the most basic, such as learning the ranking of hands, to the most complex, such as calculating probabilities at the time of the game at the tables, against opponents. is a website designed mainly for players who are starting out in the world of poker, and also, and above all, to know how to play poker online. The design of this website is designed so that the user can find everything he needs easily and comfortably, at the same time that it turns out to be a great consultation tool, even when we are playing at the tables at any time.

At, we can have: The rules of poker, a large number of strategies about the game itself, information about the variants of poker, history and evolution of the game of poker over the years, game tactics, dictionary with the most technical words in poker, explanation of the development and analysis of hands… and many more topics.

In, there are also direct links to two free poker rooms, such as SodaPoker and PokerGratis, where it will not cost you money to put everything you have learned into practice, at the same time that you have chats within them to be able to contact the rest of the players in real time.

At the same time, there is also a well-known forum such as, where you can find very experienced players, who will answer any questions that you do not understand.

If you are really interested in expanding and improving your knowledge to learn how to play poker online, do not hesitate to visit, you will clear all your doubts in a matter of a short time. And by the way, you can also practice everything you have learned by playing free online poker, without unnecessarily risking your pocket, while you are in your learning stage.

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