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Predictions for Design’s Big Trends in 2021


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Expect new and exciting home design trends as we move towards the “New Normal.’ It’s now time to find out which fads and styles will be popular this year. Brace yourself for these awesome predictions!

Black Kitchens

Some people may not like the idea of black spaces. It may look distasteful. On the contrary, black can be unique and fashionable. Combining this neutral color with a bright tone can make your kitchen look more vibrant. You can opt for black as a separate element of room arrangement. Otherwise, use it as part of the interior with your preferred colors. The truth is black along with white and gray remain as neutral and ageless colors. It will never go out of style. In fact, black kitchens can be comfortably stylish and probably stand out in the design scene in 2021. Black can serve as an ideal base for each shade from the color palette. Black can be understated but powerful. As a primary color, it relates to sophistication which you can use in creating beautiful designs. Thus, considering it as your color of choice can turn out as a smart idea. What’s the next trend that you can look forward to?

Classic Traditionalism

Classic traditional interiors can be soothing and pleasant to the eyes. It may be conservative but orderly. You can anticipate simple furnishings to look a bit old-fashioned. However, furniture pieces complement each other and look consistent. With classic traditionalism, accessories and fixtures are paired with everything in place. In other words, the appearance is casual and not flashy. Traditionally classic homes fit any age group. You can find this familiar look in showrooms and magazines. Here are some elements of a traditional space:

  • It uses a combination of vertical with more relaxing horizontal lines.
  • Upholstered furniture shows classic lines and minimalist details. The furnishings are plain and functional. Edges are smooth and mix with the whole.
  • Fabrics like curtains are neither textured nor glossy. Common patterns include plain colors, subdued plaids, florals, and modest stripes.
  • Interiors frequently feature walls with unpretentious molding details. Wall surfaces have neutral-colored wallpaper or flat-painted finish. On the other hand, ceilings are often white with simple rafters.
  • Color in classic and traditional rooms come in a middle range of tones. The general ambiance of traditional decorations is basic and homelike. Here’s trend #3.

Warm Colors

Common warm colors consist of yellow, orange, and red. The warm tones differ from cool shades like green, blue, and violet. Warm colors match furniture upholstery as well as accents. These can make a room look comfortable. A warm tone goes well with well-lighted and large rooms producing a cozy ambiance. For example, you can choose a warm hue for the walls like an off-white with a yellow undertone. The color of the rug can be the same as the walls. Or, combine red with the wall color. For accents, limit the use of warm shades for small rooms which do not get too much natural light. Instead, try lighter neutrals such as white or gray on the walls. This produces a lighter and open effect. Now, let’s proceed to the fourth trend.

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