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What’s Changing and How to Rank in Search


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SEO is an ever changing skill, as search engine algorithms are being modified frequently to further refine results offered to users in the search results pages.

As the web becomes more and more overcrowded, it essential to ensure that the best and most relevant results are served to users in search results. One way to do this is to prioritise websites that are constantly useful and relevant, and that will be the focus of upcoming search engine algorithm updates.

Let’s take a look at SEO in 2021.

User Experience

It’s clear that Google has a focus on user experience. And serving websites to user that offer an exceptional user experience.

The search engine’s first page rankings can be highly competitive, so why serve substandard websites to users? Google wants to send it’s users to websites that can provide the information or service requested by the user, in

If as a website owner, you can demonstrate these factors within your website and written content, you stand a good chance of ranking high in organic search. Website Performance. Web page loading speed has been a measured metric for ranking for some time. However, 2021 will see the introduction of Google’s Core Web Vitals as an extra measure of website performance.

These metrics are designed to ensure web pages load fully and properly in a reasonable time. Again, it’s something you’d expect for an excellent user experience. The added metrics to be added to Google’s ranking algorithms are:

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